Verona 0-0 Roma (3-0) “Fried-skin”

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Here we go again. The new championship under Friedkin has only started but lots has already happened. Many twists so far, but in reality I believe a lot more will happen soon. From the transfer market to coaching staff, with the reorganization of the club. There are those who swear that Trigoria will be turned inside out like a sock.

The sensational story of the Diawara case has not gone down well with Uncle Dan, evidently not accustomed to certain mistakes, should be ordinary administration at certain levels. Willful or not, Roma lose the game and lost its face above all. An unprecedented damage to the club image, a bit like Juve with the Suarez case, but here it is not an alleged sporting offence, not comparable to a serious event like that of Perugia, that is, a scam organized to facilitate the purchase of a player. Punishable with relegation to Serie B if found guilty. Relapsed from bad stories around the calciopoli scandal.

Juve are going to face Roma on Sunday evening, without Edin Dzeko among its ranks. Edin who instead will take the field with the Roma shirt, wearing the captain’s armband. So at least it should be, except for other sensational twists. Fonseca did not use him in Verona among the criticisms for having brought him to the bench without using him.bHis decision or order from the top? Is it the club guilty of being at the service of Juve, with the car ready to pick up the Bosnian out of the stadium? Or it is Dzeko’s fault, if it is true that it was he who asked to be left out, happy to go and wear the black and white shirt. Who knows. There is no evidence. Everyone thinks how they want.

As a Roma fan I am confused by all these tangled and intertwining situations fuelled with inconsistencies. Disappointed by a signing campaign that does not take off, especially for Smalling who after 3 months of waiting has not yet arrived despite the solicitations. And here the new ownership has nothing to do with it. They don’t even know where they ended up. They rely on who was there before to move things forward until they are able to figure out who to trust and make changes.

Fienga is an administrator, not a football connoisseur, he does not have a Sporting Director to delegate, too bad, and therefore he relies on football agents, who however also have their interests. We are like that for now. We will see if now Dzeko and Fonseca will make peace for the good of all, or if this were not the case someone is already preparing the ground for Max Allegri and perhaps planning the managerial future with the return of Totti, Boniek or anyone else. Who knows.

And the draw-defeat in Verona, the Dzeko case or a possible other defeat with Juve has nothing to do with it. The team has not strengthened. If anything, Fonseca had to be changed immediately in August, after the shambles with Sevilla. New ownership, new course. But if they were to decide to cut now to bring Allegri immediately it would mean raising the bar. If Allegri accepts it means that this time there are guarantees for a strong club and a long term plan to reach the top.

The Friedkins are ambitious and I don’t see them accepting an anonymous season of transition, but of construction yes, immediately trying to finish at least fourth. The important thing is to have clear ideas, to make decisions without wasting more time. Fienga has confirmed Fonseca publicly but results will talk in the end. For the moment I expect an experienced central defender if Smalling fails to arrive, and a Dzeko deputy. If Edin settles for good. A Torreira type in midfield instead of Diawara, if possible. The goalkeeper issue must be addressed soon. However the season starts now. Hopefully. Daje Roma.


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