Udinese 0-4 Roma “11 lions”

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Beyond all referees and the VAR. It is an overwhelming Roma seen at the Dacia Arena, such a great performance, despite having played in 10 for almost 60 minutes, for Fazio’s red card. Fonseca, who does not change his game plan despite being a man short. He’s confident about the technical superiority of his players on the pitch.

Fazio’s foul can be sanctioned, although not so evident, but the scandal, apart from the red card, is the referee walking around the field for a few minutes with the headset talking to the Var. What have they been talking about for so long? There was only to say, yes or no. Or, if the episode wasn’t clear at the Var either, why didn’t he go and see it again on Tv?

There is little clarity on the use of this tool, now at the discretion of anyone, without rules and parameters. A disaster. It would be enough for Italy’s Head of Refs Nicola Rizzoli to go see a Premier League match, like everything in the light of the sun, with Var replays even played on the stadium’s big screen. When we say transparency.

The important thing is that Roma is still in emergency but now able to produce beautiful play and scoring opportunities. Merit above all of to Fonseca, who was able to relaunch Pastore, another great performance, and for having invented Mancini “a la Busquets”, with Smalling strong in defense, Veretout the plunger,Kluivert’s flair, and Zaniolo’s scoring form. All seasoned with a sumptuous Edin Dzeko, the leader of this team, with Aleksander Kolarov.

In short, happy for the great victory with Udinese and for the fourth place, but Saturday comes immediately Napoli. A decidedly tough opponent. Great test, a litmus paper test. Now we will see how truly good is this Roma team. But even if it won’t go very well, however the performance will give the yardstick for the long term. And if it goes well with the result, then we are also ready to raise the bar expectations. Daje Roma!

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