Interested to coming to Rome to watch an AS Roma home game, but not really sure where to start? Here some are answers to a few that might help you out...
When do tickets for games go on sale?

Tickets generally go on sale for home matches between three and four weeks before the game, although this can vary depending on the significance of the fixture and the part of the season (ticket information for games at the very start and end of the campaign are often announced in a batch, while knockout cup ties can be finalised fewer than two weeks in advance).

How much do tickets generally cost?

Again, the price of tickets varies based on specific details about the match – including the competition it is in and the opponent being faced. Generally, however, tickets in the two ‘Curva’ (Sud and Nord, behind either goal) are priced from €25-€35 while the prices for tickets in either ‘Tribuna’ (sideline stands Monte Mario and Tevere) range from €45-€100.

What documentation do I need to have?

You must bring an I.D. with you to the ground, as these are checked against the information registered to each ticket before entrance is permitted.