Sassuolo 0 Roma 0 “Lights off”

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An absolute masterpiece. Maybe done on purpose. In front deep in the 90th minute in Genoa, but unable to get the three points. Lots of scoring chances vs. Sassuolo – a match of the equivalent of a Cup Final. Nothing. Another two points dropped. So, four points down the drain. With the same four points Roma today would be in third place, at 67 points, one above Atalanta and Inter. Crazy. And we don’t forget we recently dropped points at home against a dying Fiorentina team, who now risk to be relegated! And countless more on the list.

It is a Roma that gives the impression of having done everything to avoid reaching fourth place. A quick recap of this awfulseason. Now we’re in the Europa League. We are not yet out of the Champions League, but only in mathematical terms. It will take take more than a miracle for this to happen. So, it won’t happen. So, we’d better start to think about what will be next Sunday.

DDR-Day, just two years later of sad Totti-Day. The fans weren’t happy then either, but at least reached Champions League spot in the dying seconds. This time there is the risk of finding an even more fiery climate, an environment on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Everyone is looking for scapegoats. It was quick and unexpected. Bad timing. Bad everything. The fans will spare no one. Another symbol is about to go. Another Captain. Another forceful exit. No explanations. Just madness. Or maybe not. Was it all planned carefully? Is this really the reaction they want? An anticipated thanks to those who have orchestrated this panto. But above all thanks to Daniele. One of us.

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