Samp 0-0 Roma “Hybrids”

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Too many players missing? Cristante and Kalinic injured? Dzeko enters the field wearing a protecting mask? Fonseca suspended? Fine. But what about the rest of the players who went on to play?

Roma played the worst football match of the season so far. Not a single move or attempt to scare the Samp keeper. No movement. No intensity. Against a Samp team bottom of the league who conceded to anyone so far.

Claudio Ranieri taking over from EDF once again, but he didn’t have to worry, no threats from a Roma team who is starting to showing the same problems of last season. That mental problem on top of the physical ones. Ghosts. That is just not acceptable since the inception of the new manager with its entourage around. A team who has only showed glimpses of decent football in a couple of occasions.

New players, new management, new directors, new staff doctors and physios. Yet, another 14 serious injuries only since the start last August. 75 players in the last two seasons. It must be a world record. Bad luck, coincidences or is there anything else? Can’t be that straighforward. Next, the Europa League against Borussia. An easy group that can become a complicated one. Who is going to play? Forza Roma!

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