Roma 2-1 Fiorentina ‘The rule of law’

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Always tried to be unbiased, screamed when we didn’t get evident penalties (since ever..) or when they gave to us unfairly or not whistled against (rarely..), as seen recently with Parma.

The penalty given on Dzeko is legitimate. No doubt. It is the rule of law. When the ball goes out first does not count. Foul occurs when the ball is still in play. So, it’s a penalty.

To those who tell me that the game had to be stopped earlier, when the ball catches the referee, yes, only if it develops a clear chance of scoring. AND THAT IS NOT THE CASE. So it’s a penalty. PERIOD. Strange that it’s all about Roma, is it? as usual. Nobody talks about Immobile diving. Who needs power…

Let others swear on the pitch not to mention some idiots anti-Romanisti on Sky tv. In the meantime, let’s save soldier Veretout from those who think selling him to Napoli is a good idea.

And let’s pledge 5m more to bring Smalling here, otherwise you are in a sea of ​​trouble at the back, with the Europa League looming. Another goal conceded on a deadlift in the middle of 4.

And best wishes to L. Pellegrini, gone with a fracture of the nasal septum. It’s the end of the league. Head to Sevilla. The only game that matters. Forza Roma.


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