Roma 2-1 Empoli “St. Claudio”

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Eusebio and Monchi have paid their dues. Fine. But the responsibility lies with those who chose them, like for their predecessors. 7 coaches in 8 years. That’s a record. The first was Luis Enrique, dreaming about a Barca style tiki-taka football, then Zdenek Zeman recalled by Walter Sabatini to bring back “Zemanlandia”, a unique approach of fast-pace attacking football, only to get players rebelling against his stringent team rules and hard training sessions.

Then, the unknown Andreazzoli leading Roma towards one of the most shameful events in our history, with the Italian Cup final lost to a weak Lazio team. Two and a half years for Rudi Garcia, the illusion of the turning point with the famous church back in the centre of the village, then the slow decline with bad results and with another finished love.

Then it was Luciano Spalletti’s turn, brough back to the Capital to handle the mess, and to sort out the Totti affair, and the arrival of Monchi, among stories of sweeping changes, supermarket deals and Circus Maximus scudetto party. A nervous wreck time among the sale of Rudiger, Salah and Alisson, and the whistles for Totti’s farewell. Eusebio Di Francesco is no difference from his predecessors in that sense, just another victim of a faulty system behind the scenes. Neither more nor less.

Claudio Ranieri is the latest to come to the rescue of another system failure. Rome called his son and he answered back. Claudio deserves a round of applause for his honesty and sincerity, he really loves these colours. Yet, he’s not the saviour, he will do his best to save the boat from sinking and if he does he really deserves a statue. But he needs time, and there is none. Champions League football is paramount, but it’s up to the players now. One positive thing. With Monchi out, Francesco Totti seems now more central to Roma football decision-making. It was time!

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