Roma 2-0 Juventus “Flo and DDR”

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A bolt from the blue. News that blurs the beautiful victory over Juve, Florenzi’s goal and the argument with Ronaldo. News that comes out when Roma has yet to play for Europe, two games from the end.

Daniele De Rossi leaves Roma. Not. They do not renewing his contract as a player. Like Totti a couple of years ago. Daniele, 35 enjoys his time here but above all a salary that weights. The club has every right to make its own decisions – as it did with Totti – but once again it is the modus-operandi of Pallotta and co. which leaves us perplexed by those who live emotions, that is us the fans.

We are not in Madrid who offloaded Raul and Casillas, but then with new players won more champions and trophies. And not even in Turin, where they got rid of Delpiero and many others but then continue to win championships. We are in Rome, where the boast is called Totti and De Rossi, a city famous for the Colosseum and its fans, not for the sporting achievements on the field. Then, depriving yourself of them is like depriving yourself of our pride. This is where this club is wrong. Or maybe it’s the catch here?

A bad season that is about to become a nightmare. Two years ago the Totti affair was taken on by the newcomer Monchi, who then asked the Captain for help, today the new man Fienga takes responsibility, but Daniele has not bowed. He prefers to continue elsewhere than to finish as he sees our No. 10 without a precise Director role and without decision-making power.

And Totti, he didn’t even sit at his side during the press conference, he was standing on one side. Is he thinking of resigning? Or is waiting for a new Arab ownership? Who knows. For now I say only thanks to Daniele! Like two years ago with Francesco, once again I’ll be there, in Rome vs. Parma to greet him as he deserves. He’s one of us.

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