Roma 1-1 Cagliari “Farce”

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Conspiracy? Shameful? Farce? Everything and nothing. There are lots of possibilities. All valid. Let’s begin by saying we are happy that Fabio Pisacane of Cagliari is all well. We feared for the worst when we saw him collapse on the ground after watching Kalinic putting the ball at the back of the net.

Ironically, this is the incident that created the pandemonium that made Fonseca and his staff going ballistic at the referee. The match official did not say if it was a goal or not. No decision! Players waiting for several minutes and still no decision. First time ever in football. Pisacane’s clash with his own keeper Olsen did no get him on the ground, it was after he saw the ball going in that he went down with hands on his face. Not disputing here if deliberate or not. Benefit of the doubt. But at least is not hurt.

What hurts is the referee’s decision to give Roma the stick throughout the game. Yellow cards for nothing, utter decisions that did not make sense to anyone, making our players very nervous. Cagliari’s penalty was given after the ref decided to see the VAR replay. Fine. Roma no goal decision was taken only after several minutes, the fans convinced we had won the game. A decision that needed VAR assistance but he decided not to. That is a disgrace. After the Bologna and Lecce shambles this is enough. Correct was Fonseca to go at him!

Now, Dzeko has a broken jaw, Diawara is another torn ligaments. More players out for long time. After Perotti, Pellegrini, Zappacosta, Mkhitaryan, Cetin and young Bouah and Calafiori. Cengiz Under on his way back, thank God. The International break is very much needed. Forza Roma!

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