Roma 1-0 Gent “Euro recovery”

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Roma continues along the same lines as the beginning of the year. Not yet recovered. Even in Europe. Were it not for the result of skimpy victory, which makes us breathe. But also thanks to a sleepy opponent who forgives you several times in front of goal.

For the rest, so little. Team messed up once again by a confused coach, who now relies on turnover, shuffling the cards, hoping to find solutions. Even the change from the bench is wrong, they tried to change Carlos Perez, a good positive note on the night. Scores the goal and the only one who always try to create something.

Unfortunately, however, the music does not change. Defense in great trouble, fear in playing the balls, trivial errors in support, frightening gaps when the opponent starts again. Upfront, not much created, stuttering balls on the flanks and not good enough passes. Very bad still Pellegrini and Kolarov. In midfield there is no balance, no support for the backline or moving forward. No filter and a lack of a metronome, like Diawara.

It was important to win, says Fonseca. But a quality team would have you done tonight. They will be even more aggressive in Gent, so there will be a lot of pain to go through. In the meantime, there will be a battle with Lecce on Sunday. Difficult team. And with this Roma team of today you can not rest easy with anyone. We hope all to go well. Forza Roma.

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