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Pellegrini did wrong. But he was right. You just cannot write that stuff on social media. Fans have the right to criticise but not the right to insult. Lorenzo is a well-paid professional and should not be on Instagram arguing with idiots.

Referee Fabio Maresca was also wrong. The foul on Pellegrini is nasty and deserved red. Pedro was silly to get himself a second yellow but did not deserve the first one. His first dismissal of his career, after more than 500 games played.

Roma got denied a penalty that had been given to other teams elsewhere. The Var room is guilty. If you don’t intervene in these circumstances then you are utter useless. Or are they? Roma got denied the chance to get the 3 points. Played better than Sassuolo playing with 10-men for over an hour and deserved to win.

The match officials have distorted the game. End of story. Fonseca was left fuming in the stands and so the rest of us. But we take the point. Reluctantly. Next CSKA Sofia for the youngsters. Bologna to bounce back on Sunday. Forza Roma.

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