Parma 0-2 Roma “Life of Bryan”

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In September we heard so many Roma fans labelling Cristante and Pellegrini as two useless palyers, to be sent away immediately. That’s normal. Their performances on the pitch were just awful, the results did not arrive, and the sales of Nainggolan first and Strootman later only amplified everything that was not going right at Roma. In truth, it was the whole team that did not deliver – from Manolas to Dzeko, to the newcomers – but the cross was mainly given to the two of young players, guily to be the replacement of the “Ninja” and the “Washing Machine” in midfield.

Now the judgments have changed. Cristante has grown bigger and scores, Pellegrini is an extra weapon, and we found the Zaniolo jewel, with Inter now biting their nails. Yeah, because if the sale of Nainggolan had not gone down well with so many, now the knots are starting to come to a head. The recent admissions of Inter DG Ausilio on the forceful giving up on Zaniolo and Luciano Spalletti on the off the pitch behaviour of Radja are now coming to the surface, with the Inter fans not happy, too.

Radja does not live the life of an athlete for some time now, the first glimpses last year. It is no coincidence that Martinez did not bring him to the World Cup, it is no coincidence that Roma sold him, that Spalletti was the only one who wanted him. But now even Spalletti started to question whether it was the right choice to bring him to the San Siro. On the other hand, Roma wisely as a counterpart demaded only Niccolo Zaniolo a spart of the deal. With good reason.

We had already said it back in September. This team with all the new players – apart from Alisson – on paper was more complete, younger, and maybe stronger. I say maybe, because so far it has not been the case. Roma are at -23 from Juventus, at -14 from Napoli, at -9 from Inter. Unacceptable. So if we were potentially stronger, on the field that was not seen. We can not forget the awful games with Chievo, Spal, Bologna, Udinese, Cagliari and Plzen. We criticized them all because they deserved criticism.

Now, however, we must look forward. The victories with Sassuolo and Parma have shown something better in terms of the game, not yet excellent, but above all are coming the results, which are the panacea, the basis of everything to keep the high the shields. In Parma we seen a more convincing Roma, especially in the second half. We need some reinforcements in January, in defense, in midfield, and perhaps in attack if Schick will go on loan. Eusebio saved his job, the injured players are coming back, things should get better. Hopefully.

Now the post-Christmas break. Then the group will return at home with Torino, after Entella in the Italian Cup. Objectives: 1) Fourth place minimum. 2) Champions League quarters finals. 3) Try to win the Italian Cup. Raising the tricolor trophy would be a great satisfaction for the Giallorossi. That trophy that has been missing for 10 years. We hope this message is received in the upper quarters at Trigoria. HAPPY NEW YEAR !

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