Lazio 1-1 Roma “Equal rights”

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Glass half-empty or half-full? It depends. Lazio has undoubtedly created more but then in football to hit the post tor skim a goal counts for nothing. If we were to make a count of missed opportunities every year which ranking would it be? Rome would have a few more championships under its belt, that’s for sure.

Goalkeeper, goal posts and crossbars are part of the game. No goal was denied here by anyone, Different if it were an injustice or mistake by the referee. But there are no disputes, apart from the ravings of Inzaghi about the penalty. It is a penalty all my life, with the new rules but also with the old rules.

Could Lazio win? Yes. And wouldn’t have robbed anything if won. But has Roma robbed something by equalizing. Nope. Well then, that’s right. Last year Roma won the woodwork rankings and we didn’t even go to the Champions League. So there’s no room for any argument here.

Lazio did not score either 5 or 6 goals. Of course, if Roma had conceded it would have been another story. And it is also clear that it is not a mystery that the defense is still not looking good, that there are mechanisms that still do not work and so on. But Lazio is the same team as in the last few years, Roma is still under construction.

Sure. Going backwards it is also true that Roma did not have to find itself in this situation of reconstruction. But now it is done, let’s go ahead without looking back. No point. We think that in the meantime other experienced players have arrived, then we’ll see if they are more or less functional. Meanwhile Mikhitaryan and Kalinic are here to give a hand. After the international break Roma will be tested again. Now starting from Sassuolo up to mid-October Roma have a sleeve of games that must try to win. So, let’s re-focus. Head down and pedal!

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