Juventus 3-1 Roma ‘Backwards’

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The curse of the Juventus stadium continues. And Roma does little or nothing to change this trend. Despite expectations, given that we say that Juve this year is not so invincible. After losing in the league last week, now also in the Italian Cup. A bitter cup, this too is a trend that does not change. Roma come out in the quarterfinals also this year.

Roma comes on the field frightened, embarrassing first half, too much difference in quality with Juventus, but also wrong approach and attitude. If Parma had managed to give the Bianconeri a hard time just three days before, it is mainly because they played it fighting. But Roma don’t. Taken on the pitch without conviction, then in the second half enters with a better attitude but it is always not very concrete. Down three goals, trying to catch up the result. After the goal by Under, something has been seen, but there are many, too many mistakes the front door.

Bad performance by Cristante, Kluivert, Mancini, Kalinic, many others under tone. but above all Diawara, injury to the external meniscus, at least two months out. Another curse. Unbelievable. Better to turn the page right away, there is no time to make trials or cry on yourself. Derby on Sunday. We must fight with sacrifice, everyone, Lazio is a period in which everything is fine, apart from the exit in the cup with Napoli. You need a Roma with a ‘Testaccio heart’. We need Fonseca to give that right charge. Come on guys!

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