Genoa 1 Roma 1 “Rom-ero”

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Rom-ero sounds like a pun, like Roma, as it was, once upon a time. The Genoa man scored a clumsy goal at the 90th minute, dashing away nearly every hope we had to finish 4th.

Romero is a rather short player in comparison to 6ft Fazio, Nzonzi and Schick. Yet, he headed the ball first. Unbelievable. As for the clumsy way Roma gave away the corner kick that led to his goal. Old habits, old stories.

Genoa looked quite ordinary but gave Roma enough stick from the beginning. A Roma team who went on the pitch with the wrong approach. Again back to old habits.

The match was sleepy, Roma looked sloppy, as there was nothing to play for. Schick was particularly irritating when he came on, from going off the pitch for a silly nose bleed to his inability to do anything, cannot keep a ball or tackle, nevermind score one goal. Forty million wasted? There’s a concrete possibility.

Yet, the whole team did not play well. A very disappointing night from Claudio’s men. With Atalanta flying and Inter in front we need a miracle to play in the Champions League next year. And perhaps this is the end product, what Roma really deserve. Just not good enough.

And maybe not good enough to attract a top coach like Conte. We’ll see. Whoever will take over the reins next season, Roma needs a radical change from top to bottom. Now, Juve next. If the players still fancy a game of football. Nevermind. Sempre Forza Roma.

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