Frosinone 2-3 Roma “With the balls”

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One of those victories rarely seen at Roma. These games belong more to English football, the homeland of never giving up anything until the last second. In Italy only one team can do this by tradition, Juventus. Victories made of cynicism and a fortune that must always be sought. Dzeko brings us the three points when there were about 30 seconds left until the end of injury time! A crazy match made by many mistakes and twists.

On the first goal Olsen makes an clumsy intervention thanks to the awkward backward passage of Nzonzi, who does not understand De Rossi intent on bringing the ball forward and not backwards. Olsen himself will eventually become the savior,  foiling several goal opportunities from Frosinone. Proof that any team is able to get Roma in trouble simply by putting pressure in midfield. We are on the same lines of the match with Bologna. Not encouraging in this sense.

In the end, after having overturned the result in our favor in the space of one minute, thanks to Dzeko and Pellegrini, here comes Fazio for the injured Manolas. Boom. The defense becomes very vulnerable.  Too many times Frosinone gets close to scoring, until they really do.  When it seems a draw is looming, here is Captain De Rossi to invent a pass for El Sharaawy who puts in a ball that Edin pushes in with the lower abdomen. Liberation. Euphoria. But as against Bologna, we do not take the performance but only the 3 points! Now we have to deal with the injury of Manolas, who will miss the derby and Porto almost certainly. The defense without him is very dodgy.  We are worried, but hold the positive spirit high. Forza Roma!

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