Fiorentina-Roma 1-1 “Reeling back”

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Never a penalty. Olsen gets kicked in the face. The referee makes a mistake, and that’s ok. What is not ok is the Var system protocol. And how it is used.  It’s disgusting the method of discretion applied by the officials.

Two weights and two measures. An unfair system that has already favoured some clubs over others. Roma were dead right to complain but to explain another disappointing result we need to go further on.

Roma still looking to become someone on the pitch. Too many players unreliable.  If Chievo, Bologna and Spal are getting thrashed elsewhere by anyone means we have a serious problem. The same not seen in the Champions League.

Meanwhile, Napoli, Inter, Milan and Lazio are convincingly winning and moving forward.  We are losing ground big time.  We need to wake up soon with a winning streak or might be too late to catch up for fourth place.  Next stop Moscow. Then Sampdoria, who got stuffed at home by Torino by 4 goals. Now, it’s up to you Roma.

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