Fiorentina 7-1 Roma “Apocalypse Now”

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Eusebio Di Francesco had said that he cared for the Italian Cup. For years, the only competition that Roma could really try to win continued to be snubbed. In the last few years we had seen only shambolic showdowns, between Spezia, Torino and Fiorentina. When we thought that this was the right time here is yet another shambles. Again Fiorentina in the middle. But this time the result is even heavier. In the year where Juventus exit with Atalanta, Milan beats Napoli with only Lazio and Inter in the running, Roma manages to do even worse. A disaster that enshrines another negative record, yet another 7-1 that goes to accompany those horrific nights in the Champions League in Manchester and with Bayern, without forgetting the 6-1 in Barcelona.

But did Roma really cared about the Coppa Italia? That did not seem right, given the initial formation fielded by EDF. The ever anonymous Schick and long-disappeared Pastore in place of the revived Dzeko and the flamboyant Pellegrini – Not really a good sign, This was not the best possible team, and it was seen. Schick non-existent, Pastore looked like a ghost. A disaster.

But above all a truly awful defense, the performance of Fazio, Manolas, Florenzi and Kolarov were among the worst ever seen. Among them, those same players who also allow certain scenes with the fans, in the face of the sense of belonging so much waved the arrival of the technician two years ago. With the club that is silent and does not take action against certain positions and certain statements.

The shirt and the fans must be respected, if it is not insults, clearly. Totti should be more ‘present in these situations, hoping they did not put the gag on him. The feeling is that many players feel here transiting, ready for the next contract elsewhere. We need more rigor, discipline and respect for the Club where they play, even if they aim to play one day at Barcelona. Think about it but do not say it, the fans will not forget these things,

Now with Milan it becomes a crossroads for everyone. And I’m not surprised if they will play a great game. And if so, we will be here again to comment the uncommentable. Always Forza Roma.

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