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A trip to Bulgaria which did not count for anything in terms of the standings, but which had to be used by the coach to better understand who he can count on for the rest of the season. Definitely a negative test by the veterans Fazio, Juan Jesus, Diawara and Bruno Peres, disappointing and embarrassing, at now unpresentable levels.

Carles Perez continues not to convince despite the excellent potential. Positive notes instead from Borja Mayoral, always very active even if imprecise and from the young Tommaso Milanese, author of a great goal, a lot of confidence and personality. Notes of merit also for Bamba and Boer in goal, in their debut. In the end, a painless defeat that always hurts. At the final whistle the Bulgarian team celebrates for the victory and 600 thousand euros cheque.

Roma returns home aware that certain matches must be faced with a different attitude, even if they are not decisive. Almost recovered Smalling and Kumbulla, but Roma are approaching the away match in Bologna with many unknowns including the goalkeeper. And without Pedro. To win we need great concentration and determination. Carles Perez will certainly be on the field on Sunday, called to a test of maturity. Last thought is for Paolo Rossi, who passed away yesterday. An ‘Azzurri’ legend. The man who made Falcao’s Brazil cry in 1982. So many unforgettable memories and world cup emotions, so much nostalgia for a football that is no longer there. A big loss. A very sad day. Have a good trip ‘Pablito’.

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