Stefano Sale – Founder President
Stefano Sale – Founder President

Roma Club Dublin was established the 1st August 2014 while cycling around South Dublin on a beautiful sunny day. A dummy project with the aim to connect all Roma fans under one roof. I think we did it!

Today we are based at Buskers On The Ball, Temple Bar, in the heart of Dublin. Fans attend Roma matches where they can enjoy live coverage in a unique, passionate atmosphere, Curva Sud style!  Members enjoy a number of services including pub discounts, fast track stadium ticketing, away match travel and plenty of social events.

We are the biggest foreign fan club here (and the noisiest). We also have thousands followers on social media networks. We have received extensive media coverage by the Italian and Irish press. We have established a partnership with major soccer blogs, appeared on TV programmes and we were guests at several radio stations. We write a weekly match report and bring you fresh news articles every day in Italian and English on our website. Our mission is not to stop here. Forward we go!

Forza Roma!

Stefano Sale

Founder President