Borussia 2-1 Roma “Cold case”

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A handful of seconds from the end of injury time. Another debacle. As in the first leg. All in all played at par, without too many worries, where Roma pays duty only for the clumsy error of Fazio, however, the ball had already crossed the line, and once again all match official failed to see that. At least, Fazio redeemed himself by scoring the equaliser.

In the second half Roma returns to the field with a more positive approach. Much more focused, much more aware of being able to raise the pace, putting pressure on the opposition, a Borussia that hardly resembles the league leaders of the Bundesliga. So, Roma in full control but with the old habit, not able to kill the game. Big regrets. So many missed opportunities.

Pastore, Veretout and Smalling shine again, confirming the good things seen in the last games. Kluivert stings on the break but always missing the final finish. Dzeko and Kolarov looked tired. On the same line Mancini, as he gets replaced. Diawara does well, the same cannot be said for Perotti and Under, either out of shape or not so focused.

In the last 10 minutes Roma could score at least two goals, but it does not capitalize some favourable situations. Very annoying is also the way how easily they give the ball away so cheaply. One minute only left to play, Roma has the ball in an attacking position, but is Borussia to score. How on earth we fail to keep it, a symptom that a certain maturity and tactical intelligence is still missing. It is frustrating to lose in this way, and if the draw was a tight result, the defeat was perfectly avoidable. Pity.

Borussia got 4 points out 6, when it should have been the way round, at the very least. The draw against Wolfsburger is another 2 points wasted. To qualify is still very much possible, but now more complicated, we need to win the next ones, without ifs or buts. We’ll talk again. Feel positive. Roma are a team. Now head to Parma. Daje Roma!

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