Spal 2-1 Roma “Last resort”

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Ranieri blasted out at the players after the latest shambles in Ferrara. There’s isn’t a cure. Simple as that. Claudio cannot do miracles. Our players aren’t capable of getting the balls out, or they aren’t interested. At all. Or they hoping to run away as soon as it’s all over.

Spal overwhelmed Roma by simply putting a bit of stamina, a bit of running, some tackling, that’s it. Anyone can beat Roma. Our players don’t even dare, cannot do the simplest of passing, cannot defend and now cannot even go forward. Roma aren’t going to finish in the top four, too many problems lie at the heart, the root of the problem since the start of the season.

So, most of them will be shown the door. Claudio was clear. Let’s only hope Totti and Zaniolo will be at the centre of the new football project. With Monchi and Pallotta arguing on who is responsible for this mess we can only wait and see. No more room for these shambles. Forza Roma

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